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[IP] more volatile Sara response

dan wrote:
>  if everybody is honest that has been diabetic for 10 years or 
>  more then they have a horror story about going low while driving

Well, I hope they only have one, and I hope there are no dead bodies or 
pending law suits lingering around!! 

> But thats just the nature of the beast

sure...10 years ago, when testing was a difficult, time consuming pain in the 
ass, fine, I was more understanding..hell *I* didn't test...and I probably 
drove home drunk on more than one occasion, HOWEVER, TODAY in the era of the 
20 second meter, the age of RESPONSIBILITY, and the INCREASED number of laws 
and rules and regulations concerning our rights and responsibilities, there 
IS no excuse.  10 years ago, I could give a kid a vitamin C tablet at camp, 
when they said they had a headache, but what they really had was a case of 
homesickness and needed some TLC.  Today, I could be arrested.  Today, I 
could go to jail for bringing a knife to school to spread peanut butter on 
the apple I bought in the cafeteria...Times have changed, and we have to 
change with them in our attitude towards responsibility.

>  if laws to restrict driving then people will not seek help for 
>  their conditions. 

well, I guess I could say it is OK then, as long as the poor person they kill 
in the throes of a low is NOT someone I care about.  A friend from grad 
school, Jeff, was in a head on collision.  Jeff died.  The other driver 
lived.  Jeff's girlfriend is in a wheelchair for the rest of her life; the 
two other people in the car were seriously injured as well.  Would it REALLY 
make a difference if the other driver was drunk or just low?  Would you 
really want the guy NOT to have a restricted license or a letter from his 

> I know of a trucker that has uncontrolled diabetes because 
> if he starts insulin then he can't renew his comercial liscense. 

Would you want anyone you know to live on this guy's route???  Where does he 
work, by the way, as I have lots of friends who live on trucking routes

>  people need to be more responsible and I think this group of diabetics are 
>  probally the best of the bunch when it comes to doing the right thing. 

i totally agree, but i am just enough of a militant bitch to say that doesn't 
exclude the other 19,997,756 persons with diabetes out there...tee heee

>  i've mastered the driving while checking bgs  test.

piece o'cake...so to speak....

So I am not trying to argue with you...Just firmly believe there is NO longer 
any valid excuse.  If you have diabetes, it CAN affect EVERYONE you come in 
contact with whether you think it does or not.

Ferociously yours,
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