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[IP] RE: Driving Low--lecture???PUH lease!!!

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Mark wrote
>  Calm Down!  We are not all alike.

no one ever said we were.  thank god

>  I have had diabetes since I was 13 and driving since I was 17
>  I'm 38 now.  I drive a service vehicle

I was diagnosed at 10 1/2, yesterday was my 26th anniversary....driving since 
i was 16 and I am 36 now...and I live in NYC now so I don't need to drive, 
and even if I wanted to, I CHOOSE not to, due to my eye condition...which 
legally is not preventing me from driving, but my recognition of my 
impairment and the ensuing acceptance of responsibility helped me make my 
decision - so, you see we really aren't the same at ALL.

>  I have never had any problems nor any accidents.  

SHOCK...we ARE the same...I have never had any problems or gotten into any 
accidents (that weren't caused by SOMEONE ELSE)

> I believe it is a matter of how SAFE a driver drives, how
>  FAST a driver drives, and how ALERT a driver is.  

do ya now?  So that is what you BELIEVE?   I believe in the right to free 
speech, the right to bear arms and the rights to fight for health care and 
housing for ALL Americans, but that doesn't mean it is reality!  What little 
perfect society do YOU live in? 

My DEAD friend Barb never got a ticket for anything...and she was close to 50 
years old.  She was a safe, alert driver EXCEPT ONE PARTICULAR TIME WHEN SHE 
HAD LOW BLOOD SUGAR.  She never drove over the speed limit EXCEPT ONE 
(going 70 mph) where probably very safe, alert drivers.  They were hit by her 
speeding through the red light, cuz they were probably driving SLOW; cuz 
doesn't EVERY safe driver believe in entering an intersection with 

> Take your lecture somewhere else.

If you are taking it as a "lecture" then let me add one more bible thumping 
edict:  "Do not drive anywhere near anyone I love and care about lives"  I 
don't care how slow or safe or alert you "perceive" yourself to be.  If you 
are driving a car and don't know what your blood sugar is; if you KNOW you 
are hypo unaware and don't take precautions; if you don't KNOW how much 
unused insulin is still working on you or how fast your "may be" dropping 
(since this is sometimes hard to gauge), and are merely relying on your 
"perception" that you are a safe, alert, driver because you have never, in 
the past, had an accident of a problem, then you are, nothing personal, a 
fool.  Like they say on those mutual fund ads..."past performance is no 
guarantee of actual return."
>  Thank You,

No, Thank YOU

Class dismissed

Sara (and if I am unsubbed for this...could someone please let me know?)
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