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[IP] MA Bracelets, Necklaces, Etc...

I originally got the bracelet in high school and wore 
it on my left hand because a necklace seemed like 
something I wouldn't want to wear to bed (fears of 
choking on it or some such) and wearing ANYTHING on my 
right wrist seemed like a bad idea because I write with 
that hand.

That worked out fine UNTIL I started doing computer 
support.  When I'm futzing around in the innards of a 
PC or god forbid a mainframe (yes those refridgerator 
sized computers still exist and are even in widespread 
use) I use both hands.  So I began taking the bracelet 
off and sticking it in my pocket during work hours, 
then I started fuzting with PCs at home a lot so I 
stopped wearing it altogether and eventually lost it.

So nowadays I wear the necklace style, and simply take 
it off when going to bed and put it back on when I get 
out of the shower in the morning.  The downshot to this 
is that I sometimes forget it, and, true to Murphy's 
Law the time I'll NEED it will be one of the times I 
forget it.

I've been doing less hardware support, and more 
programming lately so I may just switch back to the 
bracelet again, but of course that means reordering it. 
(What's apathy? Who cares!)

Here's a strange and random though... What about 
partnering a Medic Alert ID tag up WITH the pump 
somewhere?  If I were an EMT and saw a davice hooked to 
a patient's body I might just be curious enough to look 
for an identifying tag on it somewhere.  I mean sure, 
it might not take that long to realize what the pump 
itself is for, but as we've discussed, many of us have 
medical concerns that reach beyond JUST DIABETES.

-Sara G. (Thinking that she may just want to write 
MM/D/A/MA about this idea and see who picks it up...)

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