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Re: [IP] Single Diabetic mothers


Don't know if i'm what your looking for but i'm a single living alone 
diabetic. I've been alone except for my 2 boys for 2 years now. I too was 
scared of living alone and that is only natural, nobody wants to take the 
eternal nap. The pump helps with its auto shutoff feature, I've got mine set 
for about 7 hours. I also work shift and that doesn't help my diabetes. As 
far as getting over the fear all I can tell you is keep in contact with some 
friends or family in the area and check your bgs often. I think we have 
quite a few single diabetics on the list and i'm sure that they will help 
you too. I will tell you this my mom and my doctors don't like the fact that 
I live alone, but I've always thought that you shouldn't let your diabetes 
control you, you have to control your diabetes.

Dan dx 6/91 pumping 2/00
My oldest son is also ADHD he's 15 now and still drives me crazy....

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>Subject: [IP] Single Diabetic mothers
>Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 06:41:15 -0400
>I was wondering if there were any single diabetic mothers on the list?
>I ask this because I will soon be finding myself alone with my children
>for longer stretches of time.  My husband is in the Army and will be
>deploying to Kuwait in May for a month and a half and then to Bosnia for
>six months in September.   I have dealt with long separations before but
>at the time I had only one child.  I was just looking for any tips anyone
>else might have to make it a bit easier on me.
>My oldest, who is 6, is mildly autistic with ADHD on top of that, and
>then the younger two are both in their terrible twos right now (28mos.
>&16 mos).   I'm a stay at home mom.
>Before when my husband was in Bosnia for 10 mos. I lived in Germany and I
>had a friend across my hall call me every morning to make sure I woke up
>every morning.  (I had a real bad nighttime hypo previously and that is
>why she called)
>Anyone that lives alone that can help me would be great.
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