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RE: [IP] ldriving licence-MM Watch Alert

>Where can I get info on the MM watch guard.  That sounds great. Does if fit >over your watch  or how does it work?  I collect watches and wondered if it >would fit on the variety that I have.

We got one of these for Shane. Actually, you get 2, one is gold colored,
one is silver colored. I think it was about $7 for the 2 of them. They
are a small metal strip that you wrap/fold/bend around the band of the
watch. They should fit around the band of most men's or women's watches,
but might not work as well on a chain type watch band. I don't think you
would want to take them on and off of the watch too often or they would
wear out, but for the price, you could buy a lot of them to put on all
your watches. This works for us because Shane never goes anywhere
without his watch. I know others have said that EMTs may not look on the
watch right away, but since he HATES all the other medic alert things, I
figure it is better than nothing at all, which is what he would have
without it. You can get them from the MM web site or by calling MM.
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