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JayJay was 11 months old at dx. A friend of my mother-in-law, upon hearing
of the dx, immediately ran out and got a form for MA and wrote me a check
to pay for it. A very thoughtful gift, as far as I'm concerned. 
When I ordered the bracelet, his wrist was smaller than the smallest
size they offered. My father-in-law had to take links out so it would
fit. Now, when it gets snug on his growing wrist, I call the 800# and
they send me more links to add on. 
For the most part, he ignores it. I'm pretty sure he doesn't remember
it ever not being there. Two or three times I have noticed that the bracelet
wasn't on him. Invariably I find it under the sofa cushions. 
I hope that if ever there was a situation where he was injured and I
couldn't speak for him, since he can't really be expected to speak for
himself in an emergency situation, that the bracelet could speak for
both of us. The people at Children's Hospital told us to pin it to his
carseat. NOT! What if he wasn't in my car? All of his grandparents own
their own carseats so we don't have to rotate one seat between vehicles
all the time. 
Do MA's really have to be blatantly obvious to be noticed by EMT's? Should
I paint it neon green? Tattoo it on his forehead? Maybe t-shirts with
all the info right there on his chest.
So, I guess in this case, I just have to have faith. Faith that if we
ever get into a situation where we need EMT's, they will see his MA and
act accordingly. If I don't, I'll drive myself crazy with worry. 
Not that I don't do that anyway. But my worries tend to be more about
the here and now, not when and if.
Just my story, take it for what it's worth.


Mom to JayJay
born 2/13/98, dx'd 1/31/99
...sweet as ever

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