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[IP] Choosing a pump (Bob A.)

>         1)   Mimi med is working on a closed loop technology

Disetronic is also working on a closed loop system but they are working on 
it in Europe and not the US.  Most go to Europe first then they apply for 
FDA approval or for trials.

>         2)   They are inherently safer. Safety is more important than

Both MM and Disetronic are very safe.  their is no  "safer"  both have 
advantages and disadvantages.
MM is a new company, Disetronic had more years in pumping technology.  I 
would like to hear how/what you were told to decide that Dis.  was a less 
safe pump?

>         3)   The Htron is obsolete  technology

H-TRon is an old pump.  But they do have 3 other pumps.  H-tron Plus, 
Dahedi,  and the D-Tron.  The Dahedi and D-Tron are new to the US and the 
D-tron is Totally new which will rank up to or pass the MM 508 (IMHO).

>         4)   New models are risky

Yes new Models are risky  just like everything else as we have recently 
encountered with the MM 508s problems which all new models tend to happen.

Bottom line  is  that Pumps  (all of them)  are good the all basically do 
the same thing just have different bells and whistles.

my advice is to research from different views and NEVER take 1 or 2 peoples 
opinion on a pump or its features..  people tend to be loyal to their 
pump/company/their favorite.

some of the things you mentioned is true some is not..

I wish you the best in pumping ..

Brian Carter
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