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Re: [IP]A Few Questions

Sharon, I was on Rhinocort for 2 years, double spritzes, twice a day.
Never noticed any effect on BG.  The amount of steroid that gets absorbed
systemically is small, and the steroid used is not as potent as others
(like Prednisone) in affecting BG.  So not to worry about this. Now you can
focus on all those other wacky reasons. :-)

<My last question for today is about Rhinocort nose sprays.  I was given this
<as one of my prescriptions yesterday and they told me it was a steroid spray.
< So has anyone on the list used a spray and does THIS kind of steroid
<treatment affect sugars?  Right now I have so many other reasons that my
<sugars could be wacky that I can't tell whats what.
<Thanks!  Sharon

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