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Re: [IP] A VERY, VERY, VERY Long Post About MiniMed Vs. Disetronic


I agree 100% with you.  Everyone needs to look at all the pumps and
determine which features are the ones they want the most.  For me, it was
the 2-pump deal from Disetronic.  I do, however, take exception to a CDE
trying to influence which pump a person gets because of his/her personal
preference.  We all need to decide what WE want not what the CDE wants,
he/she isn't gonna be wearing the darn thing 24/7!  I have to hand it to my
CDE, she asked me questions why I choose the Disetronic, and I think she
wanted to make sure I understood the pump and I had done my homework, which
I had.  So, that's the pump I tried and the pump I bought.  And, I'm happy
with my choice so far, and as far as programming it, I'm not even wearing it
yet and I know how to set the clock, program the basals, give a bolus, set a
temp basal, and set for a half-filled cartridge.  I plan to use a cartridge
that came with the pump to practice filling it.  I've just been doing my
homework getting prepared for May 15.

Type 1 for nearly 37 years, hookup to Max is May 15!

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