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[IP] IP Few Questions

Ok.. I visited with an ENT (ear nose and throat) and TMJ (the jaw muscles) 
doc yesterday and found that both of these areas have been sources of my 
headaches.  The TMJ doc told me that I've been clenching and grinding my 
teeth.  After thinking it over with my family, we think that the timing (its 
been about 7 weeks of headaches and about 7 weeks on the pump) IS related.  
That I've been more tense since getting my pump.  I think this is definitely 
true as I have been paying alot more attention to me, my diabetes and every 
morsel that I eat.  I obviously need to let loose some or my headaches won't 
go away.  Does anyone have any suggestions on this? 

#2  Having been diabetic for 23 years I was always floored when my doctors 
asked me if I was aware when my blood sugars would be low and I told them I 
could ALWAYS feel them - they were shocked.  Since being on the pump (and 
more lately) I have NOT been aware.  I tested in fact yesterday about 2 hours 
after eating my lunch of chicken barley soup at the doctors office... I had 
just finished with the doc and as I was getting ready to pay, my machine told 
me I was 44!  I was actually checking to make sure I wasn't HIGH from a pop 
tart I'd eaten earlier in the day!  Once I SAW the number I got kind of 
emotional (not one of my more common symptoms lately) and treated and was 
fine.  but this aspect scares me alot.  I've always been so confident that I 
knew when I was going low.  Besides testing MORE often (I'm already using up 
over ten strips a day sometimes) what can be done?  

My last question for today is about Rhinocort nose sprays.  I was given this 
as one of my prescriptions yesterday and they told me it was a steroid spray. 
 So has anyone on the list used a spray and does THIS kind of steroid 
treatment affect sugars?  Right now I have so many other reasons that my 
sugars could be wacky that I can't tell whats what.   

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