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[IP] A VERY, VERY, VERY Long Post About MiniMed Vs. Disetronic


I have been reading the posts about comparing the
MiniMed and the Disetronic pumps.  Most people on this
list seem to agree that both pumps are equal in that
they do what they are meant to do: give a diabetic a
chance to be "normal" by delivering insulin to him/her
24 hours a day.  

I have always believed that it doesn't matter which
pump you are using (and for those of you who are
deciding it doesn't matter which pump you chose).  As
long as you are PUMPING - that's what is really

We all have our favorite pump.  Most people who use
MiniMed like/love their pump; Simarly, most people who
use Disetronic like/love their pump.  In the end, does
it really matter if the pump says MiniMed or
Disetronic on it???? 

Of course there have been "pump wars"!  The decision
about which pump is the best will never be over. 
There will always be people who like MiniMed.  There
will always be people who like Disetronic.  Soon,
there will be people who like Animas.  The only way
this war will ever really be over is if there is a
cure for diabetes!

It's ok to love the pump you are using and try to sell
that particular company's pump to others who are
trying to decide.  In fact, it is only natural.  It
would be nice if everyone chose the pump you are
wearing.  But the fact remains that one company's pump
isn't right for EVERYONE.  (Remember this list's
famous saying, YMMV?)  

Just keep in mind that the decision should be the one
that we feel most comfortable with.  After all WE are
the ones who have to live with it attached to us 24
hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our friends, family,
doctors, educators, dieticians, etc., can say all they
want about each pump.  The sadist scenario, in my
opinion, is that in the end you have a pump and regret
not choosing the other one (even though you are happy
you are pumping) because you felt pressured to pick
the "right" or "best" pump.  

That all said and done, I have a question for all of
you who are pumping, MiniMed or Disetronic: let's say,
hypothetically, that one day you are in your
doctor/endo/CDE's office.  You are told that you can
no longer use your brand of pump.  You are given a
choice: you can stop pumping altogether OR you can use
the other companies' pump.  

I ask this because I have read (somewhere in this
list) where someone wrote "I will use no other pump." 
If everyone TRULY believes that pumping is most
important, I believe that you will not even consider
the alternative to choosing the other company's pump -
not pumping at all.  I know most of us (if not all)
would never have to experience this situation. 
However, think about it long and hard anyway.  What
would you do if my scenario became a reality???????

I am sorry that this post has been so long.  But I DID
feel it was important for all of us to have a reminder
of what is really important: that there are pumps out
there and we need to use them!  :-)

Pump hugs,

Melissa Collins
email @ redacted

To pump or not to pump, that is the question.....

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