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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #131

At 04:30 AM 4/27/00 email @ redacted wrote:
 >        1)   Mimi med is working on a closed loop technology
 >        2)   They are inherently safer. Safety is more important than
 >        3)   The Htron is obsolete  technology
 >        4)   New models are risky

Comment #1 is true, but it is many, many years in the future. I don't think 
that the future possibility of closed loop systems should influence your 

I don't believe that comment #2 has any basis in fact. I've never seen 
anything that shows that one pump is safer than the other. If she can 
provide documented evidence of this, I certainly would like to see it. All 
pumps are medical devices and are certified by the FDA in the U.S.

Comment #3 is probably based on the fact that they are coming out with a 
new model shortly. If you wait a month or two, you can get their new model, 
but their current model seems to be functioning just fine and is hardly 
obsolete. No matter when you buy, there is always a new model on the 
horizon. If you wait long enough, you'll never get a pump.

Comment #4 may or may not be true... some new models are extremely 
reliable... and in any case, they will fix any minor glitches that may show 
up. MiniMed had some initial glitches with their new 508 models, but they 
were all fixed.


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