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Re: [IP] driving low LONG post

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Sent: Wednesday, April 26, 2000 11:09 AM
Subject: [IP] driving low LONG post

> someone wrote:
> >  << Can ANY diabetic who goes low while driving lose
> >   their license?  That doesn't sound fair to me.  I mean, what if the
> >   didn't realize they were low.  It's not like they were driving drunk.
> I have responded to this type of question before...I feel VERY
> course it is just my PERSONAL opinion....
> YES IT IS like they were driving drunk!!!   A friend of mine was killed in
> the same accident in which she killed two other people. Her name was Barb.
> was in a show with her one day...and she was dead the next.  They say she
> passed out in hypoglycemia, going 70 miles an hour and ran a light,
> into another car....all three were killed immediately...I am sorry she
> she was a wonderful person, but had she lived, I would have wanted her
> license revoked and have her spend time in jail, like any other
> person who takes the wheel of a car while under the influence.
> If you drive your car then you sure as hell better test your blood sugar
> before you start, and I don't want to hear any lame excuse that you didn't
> KNOW you had low bg.  If you have hypo awareness, then you sure as hell
> better pull over every 1/2 hour and check..There is NO excuse for not
> you are low. stop your car and taking care of yourself....and you BETTER
> dex tabs or juice or whatever in your car so you don't have to drive to
> McDonald's, or look for an ATM cuz you have no cash...
> There was a big falderal in Ft. Lauderdale after Barb's death, about
> diabetics even being allowed to drive.  People were suggesting they put
> things in the car that keep it from starting unless you do a bg test and
> is within a certain range - kinda like they wanna do for convicted drunk
> drivers.   It was hideous listening to the people around town talk about
> taking driving privileges away from people with diabetes!!! I, for one, do
> not want my constitutional rights infringed upon, but I can also see their
> point.
> I hope someone losing their license for having a hypo while driving, sends
> clear and distinct signal to all of us!  I do not expect others to take
> of me when I am in good shape - and I sure do not relinquish that control
> simply because I have been too stupid to make sure I am "sober" enough to
> drive before I get in the car.  Don't you check a gun to make sure the
> is on before you hand it to someone, don't you hand scissors to your child
> with the blade in your hand and the handles
> towards them??
> If you want to ignore your lows or your hypo unawareness, keep it in YOUR
> house!  Driving low stories are not messages I *personally* want to send
> the world,
> especially if we want empathy and understanding from the big bad, cold,
> understanding world.  I do feel bad for people who have lost their
> or who have to get notes from their doctors to get a license
> I feel worse for the families of those three dead people in Ft. Lauderdale
> I personally don't care what ANYONE does in the privacy of their own
home -
> eat oreos, don't eat oreos, weigh your food, don't weigh it, use Humalog,
> mix or lente or whatever, smoke pot, spank your kids or don't spank them,
> to church or temple or practice witchcraft, and I really don't care if you
> watch Jerry Springer (but I sure pity you)...but WHATEVER you do, do NOT
> violate MY rights, nor ask me to take YOUR responsibility, and don't you
> think of driving down the road when my nephew and nieces play if you have
> tested your blood sugar!!
> Sara
> *-)=B xoxx~~~[507]
Yes I agree with you on this matter or subject< but I also beleive that som
people do not or can not tell when there sugars are low I know myself! I
have lost alittle bit of circulation from my diabetes. (diabetic
neuropathy). It affects everything in your body. Trust me I know what it's
like. It's not comfortable.But I see what your saying.
Christina>>>>>email @ redacted

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