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Re: [IP] RE: Driving Low--Sara please read.

Mark, you of course are correct that safety, speed,and alertness are the
critical issues.  However, it is a well documented fact that low blood
sugar will compromise all three of these.  The BG level at which this
occurs may vary among individuals, but it occurs in everyone.  No
exceptions.   Consider yourself either in very good control or very lucky.
But the really SMART diabetic will know where their BG is prior to taking

<Calm Down!  We are not all alike.  I have had diabetes since I was 13
<and driving since I was 17.  I'm 38 now.  I drive a service vehicle
<close to 500 miles a week.  I have never had any problems nor any
<accidents.  I believe it is a matter of how SAFE a driver drives, how
<FAST a driver drives, and how ALERT a driver is.  Take your lecture
<somewhere else.
<Mark Capozzoli

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