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Re: [IP] Bolusing/newbie here

In a message dated 4/27/00 2:04:21 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

i am pretty sure there are many different ways to do the bolusing and 
practiced lots of ways,
in the beginning we were told not to bolus for snacks as he wanted to check 
the basal rates better at home but after 2 snacks and the amount of stuff she 
was eating i had no choice but to bolus for snacks.
my daughter is 10 and this makes a big difference also.
i always check her bs before a meal or snack or bedtime and afterschool 
during the night during exercise etc. 
if her bs is over 100 she gets a bolus. if she is going to eat something she 
gets another bolus, however if she just ate a snack 20 min ago and is going 
to eat something else too i don't recheck her bs. she gets another bolus for 
her food.
i don't recover her bs for 2 hrs after eating regardless of how many times 
she ate in that two hour period and how many boluses she got for the food. on 
some days she is never ending pit to feed and others she just eats 2 meals a 
day (never eats breakfast since pumping unless spec occ her preference not 
if i was constantly checking her bs every couple of min and correcting each 
time she would definitely bottom out really soon no matter what she ate.
this has worked very well for us and often in 2 hr she is around 90-120's no 
matter what she ate for her snack or meal unless it is pizza and occ she is 
ok 2 hrs later and higher in three to five hrs and need a significant bolus 
to bring her down.
mind you this is what our endo has us do and this works for us

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