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[IP] The use of friends

I'm not in the field of education and really do not have much
experience/knowledge about substitutes, other than what I have directly
experienced.  But I will say one thing, the sub was very correct in the
child's best defense was to have other children know what to do.  In grade
school, I had several classmates with severe asthma.  I remember being
about in 2nd grade or so and a boy having an asthma attack.  We had a sub
that day, and us kids knew what to do, AND that it was a really bad attack
for HIM and his mom should be called NOW.  We had been around him since
kindergarden, we knew him far better than any subsititute could learn from
reading a piece of paper.  We were about 7 or 8 at the time.  I am NOT
saying that other children should be responsible, but other children can be
an important source of information for adults.

My one truly bad experience in high school, I was aided by about 10 fellow
students.  The teacher who caused me the problem was not a sub (she is a
long story in herself).  Several of the students were my friends, several
were friends of other students that have diabetes, one was a sister of a
student with diabetes, and one was the friend of a sibling of a diabetic.
I wasn't talking to any of them while this started, they just happened to
see I needed help and stopped.  One student did get another teacher who
ultimately got me out of the situation, but all of the other students
involved helped me the entire way (even though they were making themselves
tardy to class... but they got excused passes in the end).  The situtation
could have been very bad for me if the others had not had been there
helping me.

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