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Re: [IP] Disetronic Vs. Minimed

>I have saved up enough money to pay the half of my pump my insurance wont' 
>pay.......i have the Disetronic loner pump , now i would love any imput on 
>the disetronic H-TRON v100........versus the 508 minimed........i heard 
>the minimed is smaller and has some sort of remote, is this 
>true?.......how is the minimed insulin put in, is it the same as my 
>H-Tron.....ii could use some help, any comments or suggestions......i want 
>to purchase my own pump within the next two weeks or so.....

I agree with others have said, but just wanted to add that I know D is 
coming out with the D-Tron and you can buy the H-Tron now and do a free 
upgrade.  I also think I read somewhere that M was coming out with the 
511.  I would definitely call both companies and meet with each rep. Oops, 
all three companies and meet with their reps.  I know that the D-Tron is 
smaller than the M 508 for I have compared with friends of mine that are on 
the M.  I don't know about the new pumps coming out though.  Call reps, see 
them all for yourself.  :-)

Fran, who believes in knowing all the facts and seeing all the pumps before 
you make a choice for you are the one that get's the privilege of wearing it.

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