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[IP] necklace

> >>I heard from my CDE trainer that you can put "insulin dependent" on your
> driver's licence - so in emergency they can tell this - instead of wearing
> the medical emergency bracklet or whatever - I felt this was a bit of
> invasion of privacy - so did not do this - but now on pump - I may!<<
> Roselea

And I heard from the *cops* (of which my son was one) that they do not go
down the front of a woman's blouse to look for a necklace (lawsuit, lawsuit)
nor in a wallet to look for something (thief!). As I read this list I am
amazed at my survival. I went 29 years with DM before someone told me I
should wear a bracelet. I've not had the EMTs for anything and am very
fortunate. I was talking with a 14-yr DMer (she's 34) tonight who wondered
how we did shot adjustments with just a 3-month A1c for years. I told her
there was no such thing as an A1c then, it was a regular BG done by the dr.
or lab - every 3 months. Her eyes widened!!!
Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)

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