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Re: [IP] substitute teachers-venting


On 4/26 at 2:32PM you wrote:

> I help out in Eve's classroom one morning a week, and today was the day I
> was there. Today they had a substitute teacher, and when the kids went to
> gym, I started to talk to the substitute teacher. After a while, I said,
> "Did you know that you had two children with diabetes in this class?" He
> said, "Well... one of the fellows said he had diabetes and need a snack,
> back about 10:00."
Then he said " so, what do I do?"

Want to hear a better one?

I was 5 1/2 when we found out I was a diabetic.  I was in kindergarten.  I
spent two weeks in the hospital, and before I ever went back to school, my
mom went in and had a talk with my teachers and everyone.

When I was in 5th grade, the school NURSE, who had been the nurse since I
was in kindergarten (5 YEARS BEFORE!!) walked up to my mom IN THE GROCERY
STORE one day, and calmly asked, "What do I do if Debbie has an insulin
reaction at school?"

HELLOOO!!!  I've always wondered why, if she didn't know (and I always
thought RN's learned that in nursing school) why she waited so long to find
out anything!!!

(By the way, I transferred to a different school the very next year!!)

D 22 years, pumping 3 years

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