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Re: [IP] Disetronic Vs. Minimed

Here's my $02....Carol, the 508 software recall is old news and 
affected a very small percentage of their pumps.  My daughter 
received one of the affected pumps, and MM exchanged it 
IMMEDIATELY - no questions asked.  Their response to a problem 
was exemplary.

That having been said....I have found a number of people who, 
IMHO, overanalyze WHICH pump to buy.  The biggest decision has 
already been made - that is TO pump.  The MM vs D vs A 
argument will always rage here.  My opinion...there are Ford people 
and there are Chevy people, there are Toyota people and there are 
Nissan people, and there are MM people and there are D people.  
All these pumps do an EXCELLENT job of their primary function - 
delivering basal and bolus insulin.  The rest is just bells and 
whistles...and you can pick which is more important to you.

we liked the MM's remote and vibrate feature (but have so far used 
each about once or twice)....

Quite frankly...the reason we went with the MM....the final decision 
which tipped the scale....the MM CAME IN TEAL - very important 
to a 13 y/o girl.....

Congrats on your decision to pump.  Pick whichever one you want -
 either will do what you need it to do - deliver basal and bolus 

Steve Winer
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