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Re: [IP] driving low LONG post

In a message dated 4/26/00 5:46:00 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< California has a very interesting DMV law.  A Dr. is required by law to 
the DMV of any patient who has had any period of unconsiousness (whether 
to driving or not). SO if I were having a problem of major lows while sleeping
and needed to work with my Dr. on the problem. I would also need to be ready 
"defend" myself so I could continue to drive during the day...... >>

I guess there are problems like this in nearly every reportable condition 
doctors come across.  The laws, while in general protecting society, can 
discourage people from seeking treatment.  I was once very upset when 
visiting a rheumatologist and mentioning my vision problems (having what 
seemed to be a syndrome of some kind, and thinking it might help him to 
diagnose it).  The doctor told me I shouldn't mention it to him or he might 
have to report it to DMV.  (I was not driving during those years, 
incidentally, but had been able to keep a valid license, which I greatly 
appreciated when my vision improved enough to be able to drive during the 
daytime again.)

Linda Z
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