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Re: [IP] driving low LONG post

Jim said:

"I have a problem with "if I'm cautious enough" I can control........."

I really do understand the point people are making about diabetics being
responsible about testing before they drive, etc.  Lack of personal
responsibility is NOT one of my failings (my counselor says I need to learn
to cut myself some slack).  However, I am uncomfortable with blanket
statements that imply that every instance of someone driving low is a clear
indication of irresponsibility/reckless disregard for the safety of
others/general lack of moral character/when did you stop beating your kids?

For example, I know that being sick makes me go low, so I test especially
carefully at those times (and think they will be easier to deal with with a
pump and temp basals available to me now).  But there have been times in
30-odd years of diabetes when I've gone low while taking the written test
for a driver's license, operating a computer, doing yard work with sharp
implements, cooking, and doing other activities where impairment is not on
anyone's top ten list for how to do it safely and/or well.  I can envision
it happening when I'm driving, despite the best precautions.  But I can also
envision being hit by a stray asteroid, catching salmonella despite washing
my hands,etc.

I, for one, beat up on myself a lot.  I think the solution lies for me in
being reasonably prudent (which I would define as testing before I get into
a car, establishing a routine of testing every hour or so on a long trip,
and always having dextrose tabs available and a rule NOT to eat glucose
while the car is moving [I do better in fuzzy mental states with rules to
follow].)  If I do all this and still experience a low while driving, at
some point for my own mental health I would have to stop 'what iffing' and
let myself be only human.  I do think it is _possible_ for a low in a car to
be the moral equivalent of experiencing a stroke while driving rather than
the equivalent of getting behind the wheel while drunk or stoned.

Just my (long) 2 cents.
Kathy Trondsen

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