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Re: [IP] driving low LONG post

I have a problem with "if I'm cautious enough" I can control.........

Lows are (sometimes) more like you were "slipped a mickey" - they can get you
even if you check before driving and feel hypos....  I'm pretty sure I'm not the
only one who has almost been in an accident because someone else has done
something STUPID.  The feeling (at least for me) is indistinguisable from a

One friend of mine went through the hell of passing out while NOT driving and had
the same restriction put on her license (California) that getting a DUI would
have.....   She was standing in line at a McDonalds knowing she needed to eat -
the line moved slowly and she passed out from a LOW.  (She does check before
driving.)  When I saw her, she was fuming from the unreasonableness of her

She got a ticket for crossing over a double yellow line (entered a left turn lane
too early) and that was enough for "them" to attempt to revoke her license.

California has a very interesting DMV law.  A Dr. is required by law to notify
the DMV of any patient who has had any period of unconsiousness (whether related
to driving or not). SO if I were having a problem of major lows while sleeping
and needed to work with my Dr. on the problem. I would also need to be ready to
"defend" myself so I could continue to drive during the day......

Jim S.
email @ redacted

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