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RE: [IP] ldriving licence

joni wrote:

>>I heard from my CDE trainer that you can put "insulin dependent" on your
driver's licence - so in emergency they can tell this - instead of wearing
the medical emergency bracklet or whatever - I felt this was a bit of
invasion of privacy - so did not do this - but now on pump - I may!<<

I have heard emergency personnel say that they look for medical necklaces
and bracelets first.  Your driver's license is one of the last things they
look at if you're unconscious and bleeding somewhere.  I want them to know
right away that I have diabetes, so I always wear a medical bracelet.  And
my new one will say that I'm an insulin pump wearer so they know what that
thing connected to my belly is!

Type 1 for nearly 37 years, can't wait to be hooked up to Max!

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