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[IP] driving while low

Hi Everyone,
I have been reading with interest,  the subject of driving while low.  I
have driven home from work when we lived in CO and always test my blood when
I walk in the door and have had it be 43, think no way can it be that low
and test again and have it be 36, and feel fine.  That was the first time I
experienced hypo unawareness, and it is a scary feeling.  I do test before I
drive and after I get to where I am going.  But the unawareness is a very
scary thing.  I sometimes feel hypo when it's 62 but not when it's 43!!  I
agree that what needs to be done is test, test, and test but if you don't
know you have hypo unawareness it can be a rude awakening once you realize
what could have happened.
I test when I am at work if I have a "strange, feel  funny" feeling and no
other syptoms and be 50.  Most people are surprised when I say that I test
at least 10 times a day and have a prescription for enough strips to do

We are stationed in NY right now and I am not sure about what the
requirements for licensing are.  If anyone has any info pls let me know.
Oh, I go to my endo this Friday at Joslin in Syracuse, wish me luck with my
HA1C.  Hope that the results are good.
dx'd 3/85
pumping since 4/20/99

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