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RE: [IP] driving low

I never told anyone because I am very careful.

I never leave with a blood sugar under 100.
I always have lifesavers and juice in the car with me.
I always pull over if I have even the slightest inkling that something is

Everyday I have a 45min-1hr driving commute to and from work.
So any drive more then 45 minutes I have found my bgs tend to drop about
30pts. So I suck on lifesavers while driving or a regular soda and correct
when I get home.

Haven't done a real long car trip since I got my pump (when I was driving),
but I would imagine a different solution is instead of lifesavers I could
reduce my basal before leaving.

I definitely consider driving with a bg below 80 the equivalent of driving
with a Blood Alcohol Level above the legal limit if not double.

-- Sherry
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