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Re: [IP] driving low LONG post

In a message dated 4/26/00 2:11:56 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< but WHATEVER you do, do NOT 
violate MY rights, nor ask me to take YOUR responsibility, and don't you even 
think of driving down the road when my nephew and nieces play if you have not 
tested your blood sugar!! >>

Yes, Sara, I think you are saying it as directly as you always do :-).  When 
I turned 15 and was eligible for a learners permit, long before home blood 
glucose testing, our state had just changed its law to require yearly 
renewals and doctor's letter for diabetics.  In all the testimony against 
this, I began to feel like a real incompetent, knowing that I was not always 
capable of driving.  It was several years before I figured out it depended on 
how you asked the question:  all the diabetics I knew said they did not want 
restrictions, but if I started by telling of a bad hypo I had while driving, 
I was ALWAYS greeted by a matching, or usually much worse and sometimes 
involving serious injury, story of a hypo incident they had had while 
driving.  With testing, the situation for me is much improved, but there are 
still times I suck a lifesaver or something even though my numbers don't 
warrant it, and times that I seriously inconvenience myself and others by 
refusing to drive because I don't feel it would be safe (after yo-yoing bg 
levels, for instance, when my eyes just don't focus).  I have chosen to live 
in a location where there are alternatives to driving for most places I want 
to go, and try not to get in the position of being depended on to drive 
without a backup, because it is still a fairly common occurrence, even on the 
pump.  What about you newbies who have been able to get into good control 
right away -- are these things less of a problem for you, or does it still 
come with the territory for all insulin-requiring diabetics?

Linda Z  

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