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Subject: [IP] knock, knock

Hi Alex,
My 11 year old daughter has been programming her Disetronic pump since she
was 9 (now 11).  And she's not a techno-geek - it's just really not that
hard at all.  Not to mention that she's filled it up with sand and water,
and rarely remembers to put in the red plastic thingy and has never managed
to break a pump.   And the new Disetronic D-tron looks like it will program
similarly to the MM.  Methinks your CDE is perhaps a tad lazy that s/he
hasn't bothered to LEARN the D, and gets by this lack of knowledge by saying
stuff like "it's harder to program."  You will learn how to do all the
programming by the time you finish watching the video, and the terms like
basal and bolus are the same, so I just don't think it would be any major
problem to choose something other than what your CDE recommends.

I would love to see the Animas - it really does sound like the best of both
worlds for pumping.

And it's important to remember what has been posted here more than once -
any pump is better than MDI.  They all do their intended job - pump
insulin - admirably well.  So, don't let the choice cause anxiety, go with
the one whose features appeal most TO YOU, and happy pumping.

Nancy Morgan, mom of 11 year old Jenna, AKA water rat, and a PCP who just
started her first patient on a pump without the input of an endo

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