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[IP] driving low LONG post

someone wrote:
>  << Can ANY diabetic who goes low while driving lose
>   their license?  That doesn't sound fair to me.  I mean, what if the person
>   didn't realize they were low.  It's not like they were driving drunk. 

I have responded to this type of question before...I feel VERY strongly...of 
course it is just my PERSONAL opinion....

YES IT IS like they were driving drunk!!!   A friend of mine was killed in 
the same accident in which she killed two other people. Her name was Barb.  I 
was in a show with her one day...and she was dead the next.  They say she 
passed out in hypoglycemia, going 70 miles an hour and ran a light, plowing 
into another car....all three were killed immediately...I am sorry she died, 
she was a wonderful person, but had she lived, I would have wanted her 
license revoked and have her spend time in jail, like any other irresponsible 
person who takes the wheel of a car while under the influence.

If you drive your car then you sure as hell better test your blood sugar 
before you start, and I don't want to hear any lame excuse that you didn't 
KNOW you had low bg.  If you have hypo awareness, then you sure as hell 
better pull over every 1/2 hour and check..There is NO excuse for not KNOWING 
you are low. stop your car and taking care of yourself....and you BETTER have 
dex tabs or juice or whatever in your car so you don't have to drive to 
McDonald's, or look for an ATM cuz you have no cash...

There was a big falderal in Ft. Lauderdale after Barb's death, about 
diabetics even being allowed to drive.  People were suggesting they put those 
things in the car that keep it from starting unless you do a bg test and it 
is within a certain range - kinda like they wanna do for convicted drunk 
drivers.   It was hideous listening to the people around town talk about 
taking driving privileges away from people with diabetes!!! I, for one, do 
not want my constitutional rights infringed upon, but I can also see their 

I hope someone losing their license for having a hypo while driving, sends a 
clear and distinct signal to all of us!  I do not expect others to take care 
of me when I am in good shape - and I sure do not relinquish that control 
simply because I have been too stupid to make sure I am "sober" enough to 
drive before I get in the car.  Don't you check a gun to make sure the safety 
is on before you hand it to someone, don't you hand scissors to your child 
with the blade in your hand and the handles
towards them??  

If you want to ignore your lows or your hypo unawareness, keep it in YOUR 
house!  Driving low stories are not messages I *personally* want to send to 
the world,
especially if we want empathy and understanding from the big bad, cold, non 
understanding world.  I do feel bad for people who have lost their licenses, 
or who have to get notes from their doctors to get a license approved....but 
I feel worse for the families of those three dead people in Ft. Lauderdale

I personally don't care what ANYONE does in the privacy of their own home - 
eat oreos, don't eat oreos, weigh your food, don't weigh it, use Humalog, a 
mix or lente or whatever, smoke pot, spank your kids or don't spank them, go 
to church or temple or practice witchcraft, and I really don't care if you 
watch Jerry Springer (but I sure pity you)...but WHATEVER you do, do NOT 
violate MY rights, nor ask me to take YOUR responsibility, and don't you even 
think of driving down the road when my nephew and nieces play if you have not 
tested your blood sugar!!

*-)=B xoxx~~~[507]
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