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[IP] Re: Endo visit

Well,,,,,, I believe my 13 year old daughter goes to one of the best 
pediatric endos in the city.  However.... our last visit was almost comical, 
it was so off target.  Six months ago she went on the pump (before we 
switched over to this new doc).  After 3 months of hell trying to figure the 
pump system out, we finally did!  Since then, my daughter has worked 
incredibly hard on her control.  Her a1c was 6.8; down from 7.4.  She was 
thrilled.  However, both the nurse and doctor started lecturing us about 
lows, which was puzzling since we hadn't said we were having a problem with 
lows.  Furthermore, she doesn't have a history of severe lows.  Everyone 
knows that people on tight control have more lows; the challenge is to manage 
their frequency and severity.  The pressure is on to get under 7.0 on this 
a1c test, yet when she does, it is assumed that she is having excessive lows 
and playing with fire.  So what is the unspoken goal; get an a1c under a 7 - 
with no lows?  Impossible.  
I really got the impression that they had a need to create a problem so that 
they could add value and give us advice and help.  But, we didn't need help 
with any problems that day; and we didn't need their warnings.  What we did 
need was motivation and congratulations.  We needed to be given credit for 
all our hard work. Maybe an opportunity to talk about specific instances 
where my daughter showed exceptional judgment and thought. We would have 
welcomed messages that helped us to feel capable, successful and in control.  
What we didn't need was a "watch out" message. Although we were polite with 
our new medical team, my daughter and I got in the car and tore their logic 
to pieces!  In spite of this visit, we will stay with this team.  They are 
very responsive in emergencies and have solved complex problems for friends 
of mine.  We may need these capabilities sometime in the future.  So what is 
the point?  
After this visit, I realized how incredibly knowledgeable I have become by 
reading postings from this group.  My confidence is strong thanks to this 
group.  I can endure condescending attitudes with some grace and humor.  I 
shudder to think of other people who go to doctors and just take everything 
to heart and walk out deflated and confused.  It is so sad what can go on.  
This pump journey has been a lonely one, almost everything we know, our 
family has taught itself.  And we couldn't have done it without the 
tremendous help from this group.  We might have given up and be on shots 
today.  Matter of fact, I think I'll write a check to say thank you for the 
valuable services you provide.
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