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[IP] [Fwd: pilot's licence]

this is a response from a diabetic friend who tried to get one...

> I had so many problems that I could probably not ever describe them all.
> However, I tried to go through that only 4 months after they first started
> allowing diabetics to get pilot licenses at all, so they had not really
> worked out the process at that point.  I talked to a flight surgeon at the
> Air Force base about it when I was getting checked out for my F-16 ride,
> probably a little over a year ago, and he said they've straightened it all
> out and it should be no problem.  I would recommend that these people make
> sure they are keeping records as far back as possible.  I don't know what
> the requirement is, but for me they were asking daily blood sugars from as
> much as 5 years ago, not to mention A1C's, letters from doctors, etc.  As
> far as what the FAA specifies, well, that was the problem for me.  They
> didn't know, so they were just making it up as they went along, and of
> course, the rules changed daily.
> Wish them all luck!
> Jimmy
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