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Re: [IP] Infections and Highs

Deb, most of us sometimes forget, but one sure way to know whether it is
the site or a more systemic problem, is simply to do the oldfashioned thing
of taking a shot of insulin.  If it works faster and better than a bolus,
then you know its time to change the site.  And after putting in so many
Silhouettes, and injection with a 30 g 1/2 in needle feels like a mosquito

<<<<<<<<I have had something similar to this happen once or twice in the 3
since I started on my pump - the site gets infected and it kills the bg
level.  Any infection at all for me kills my bg.  Something as simple as a
sinus infection (which I get CONSTANTLY living in Southern Illinois) can
send my bg up to 250 or 300 if I don't keep an eye on it.
	I was admitted to the hospital not too long after starting on the
pump, with
a bg of around 450 (I'd take a bolus and it would drop, then go back up
again within 2 or 3 hours).  My doctor swore up and down it had to be an
infection at the site (although it was not red or sore or anything) because
he couldn't find any other reason for my sugar to be that high.  (I was also
puking my guts up, so I think it was probably the flu).
Anyway, anytime I get even a little bit sick, my bg jumps up.

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