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[IP] knock, knock


I have been diagnosed with Type 1 for about 3 years. I have had Addison's
disease for about 25 years. My primary care physician suggested I look into
pump therapy. I am very interested in getting the best control I can
manage, especially since I have an infant (soon to be toddler) son.

Recently my bgs have been much higher than usual and insulin use has gone
up by 50%. Around the same time I came down with Bell's Palsy.

Surprisingly I have not had an endo. My primary care is an excellent
physician.  Because of the pumping referral, I have started a relationship
with and excellent CDE and and Endo out of a local diabetes clinic. With
their help I have become more scientific about dosages etc.

I have also started to use the new (to me anyway) Dex meter. I love it's
speed and convenience. My Profile is relegated to the backup drawer. It was
something of a fight to get the HMO to cover the strip disks, but for me it
was well worth it. I test often and was able to get 300 tests a month

My CDE is much more comfortable with Mini Meds. I am a water baby in the
summer however and am balking at the plexy case I would have to use.  I
have contacted Desetronic and Animas and watched their promos last night
(Animas needs better actors.)

It seems to me (as a newbie) that the pump world is undergoing a turnover
of pump models.  The new Mini Med, D tron, Animas, etc. I have enjoyed
accessing some of the comparitive web sites  (thank you Mr. Burnett) but
still am quite muddled. Should I risk the new Animas? Are the Desetonics
THAT hard to program ? Whould I go with the pump my CDE is most comfortable
with despite it's  (possible) limitations?

All these are  white bread questions for this group. In my other mailing
list the equivelent question is:
         " I found this accordion in my late Uncle Ray's closet and was
wondering how much it is worth?..."

If anyone would like to converse with me privately ( or in the group), I
would appreciate some sage advice. I realize it may be conflicting as afar
as specific models etc.

I would also be interested in talking to other folks with Addison's AND
diabetes (or for that matter others with Bell's.)

Thanks for having a great mailing list!

Bob Alexander
Syracuse NY

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