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[IP] Re: lows while driving

I live in Ohio (kindof, go to school and spend 11 months out of the year in 
Chicago, but "live" in Ohio)  When I first got my driving permit at 16 I had 
to have a form and letter from my doctor about my control and such, before I 
could start driving (delayed me driving for over a month, not a happy 
camper)  Now I have a two-part, medical restriction liscence.  I started out 
having to have the MR renewed every six months but after I turned 18 it 
changed to annually.  The BMV said that if a person with diabetes that does 
not have this type of liscence is found out (ie, has a wreck or gets pulled 
over etc.) they will probably lose their liscense for ever.  So it's just 
something I have to give to my doc once a year and have to carry an extra 
card with my d/l.
Soon to be pumping, pump arrives Friday!!!
PS. was anyone else from OH, annoyed when they recieved their most recent MR 
card and it wasn't laminated.  I'm sure I'm going to ruin it!!
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