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[IP] Lows while driving

In a message dated 04/25/2000 8:17:55 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Can ANY diabetic who goes low while driving lose
 their license?  That doesn't sound fair to me.  I mean, what if the person
 didn't realize they were low.  It's not like they were driving drunk.  I'm
 sure the laws vary from state to state but I'd like to hear from anybody. >>

I do know from personal experience a little about this.  After I had my first 
child I was leaving work for lunch one day and I did not feel anything coming 
on at all, but I completely passed out and actually hit 2 parked cars !!!!  
When the ambulance arrived they took my sugar and it was 16.  I had no signs 
of a low coming on at all ! I have always been able to tell.  My disposition 
even changes.  When I went to the emergency room my bs was up to 42 but the 
explanation for this occurence was my hormones getting back to normal and 
causing these crazy fluctuations in my blood sugars.  It hardly takes any 
insulin after you deliver a child.

I thank God that I didn't hit anyone.  I was so scared to drive after that I 
wouldn't even get behind the wheel for weeks.  I now check my b.s. EVERY 
single time b/f I drive.

I live in Kentucky and no one at the DMV has ever questioned me about 
anything and I have had my license renewed twice, not counting when I 
initially got them.  The only thing that did happen was when the insurance 
company got wind of the accident it through me into a high-risk category and 
my insurance from then on was ASTRONOMICAL.  But I learned a very valuable 

Dee Dee
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