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Re: [IP] lows while driving

> I live in Illinois, as does my mother-in-law, 
> who is also an insulin-dependent diabetic.  
> Last year when she went to renew her license,
> she had to have a note from her doctor, 
> basically saying that her diabetes is under 
> control and she's not going to cause any 
> problems while driving.  I don't know if this 
> is for everyone or what (She'll be 65 in July, 
> so I don't know if it's just after you reach a
> certain age or not)  but she said they told her 
> that anyone with any kind of a medical problem 
> where they could possibly "black out" or something
> similar that may cause them to have or cause an
> accident must do this.  My license won't need to 
> be renewed for another 2 years, so I don't know 
> for sure.  Just wanted to let you know what I had 
> heard.
I live in California and was dx at 15, didn't bother 
getting my d/l until I was 18 (almost 19).  At the time 
I initially got it they had me get exactly that kind of 
clearance from my doc (no history of 
blackouts/seizures/etc...)  I've renewed my license 
once since then (at age 21 in '97) (will renew again at 
25 in July '01) and so far they havn't asked for a 
renewal of that clearance.  Then again they havn't 
asked me to retake my written exam yet either.

*sigh* We'll see...

-Sara G.

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