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[IP] Depression and Insulin O/Ds

> I dreamed the other night that I accidentally
> injected myself with 200 units of insulin at 
> one time and was eating like crazy to not die.
I occasionally have that nightmare, but it hits 
especially hard as I once *DID* inject myself with a 
50u syringe full of R all at once during a bout of 
depression.  The good news is that this was following a 
period of poor control in which my insulin resistance 
was high and the effect was not as bad as it would be 

What worries me MORE is that lately I've felt myself 
sliding back into depression... It's been years, but I 
completely recognise the symptoms and if I could stop 
crying long enough I might manage to call my therapist 
up and make an appointment.  No, don't worry I won't be 
pulling the trigger anytime soon, it took me a LONG 
time to get so bad that I was ready to end it and I 
learned my lesson after those times when I did come 

Maybe it's just the frequent highs I've been having 
lately (several difficult to explain periods in the 
300s), maybe it's a bad batch of hormone pills, maybe 
it's talking to my sister about her second pregnancy, 
maybe it's being stuck in this hideous basement office 
with the intake vent making that CONSTANT RACKET!!!!...

but I digress...physical lethargy is one thing but how 
do yall deal with the emotional fatigue that comes with 
a broken body?

-Sara G.

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