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Re: [IP] 2 doctors and tests, etc.

<snip>This is rather perplexing to me.<snip>
Me too.

<snip> I do not have a *primary care physician* <snip>
I am required by my insurance to have a PCP that isn't my endo, not sure
why, but it is an easy enough rule to get around, and I love my internal
med doc (who is allowed to be my PCP).

<snip> reports are given to both drs. for cross-referencing. <snip>
Supposedly this happens for me as well.  Both doc use the same labs, but
for some reason I don't understand, I have seperate charts (even though
they are in the same building).  Shortly after I started seeing my endo, I
accidentally discovered that the records don't always get where they are
supposed to go.

<snip> Wouldn't confusion ensue if both are not aprised of what is
happening with a
patient and an emergency arose? <snip>
My guess would be yes.  This is why I usually take a copy (physically) of
all important lab results, as well as any changes in any prescription
between my appointments.  While this should not have to be done by ME
personally, it is the only way I know for sure it gets done.  I DID tell my
endo (after my experiment to see what his reaction was going to be) that I
did have a 24 hour urine, but if I had not, I doubt he would have known.
>From what I have read, it is not THAT uncommon for one doctor to have no
idea what other doctors are doing.

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