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Re: [IP] lows while driving

>  We're just wondering
> if there is some kind of law about this and what are the limits. 
> Can ANY diabetic who goes low while driving lose their license? 
> That doesn't sound fair to me.  I mean, what if the person didn't
> realize they were low.  It's not like they were driving drunk.  I'm
> sure the laws vary from state to state but I'd like to hear from
> anybody.

Most laws are pretty strict on controll issues. It boils down to and 
issue of necessary precautions. I'll go back to the question eariler 
about the FAA (flying diabetics). I don't recall the exact protocol, 
but it is something like a requirement that bg's pre-flight (30 
minutes) be 100 to 150 and that they be tested every hour while 
flying. The pilot may not fly with bg's below 100. Pretty rigorus. 
This is also not an unreasonable requirement for driving, although I 
do not know of any such specific requirement, it is the one that I 
have drilled into my daughter however. My reasons are selfish, I 
don't want her to be hurt, however, the effect is to protect a 
large segment of the population from her inadvertent actions. An 
automobile is a complex and dangerous machine to operate -- we just 
get used to them and tend not to think of them that way. You must 
have your wits about you to operate such a machine. If you were a 
machinist, you wouldn't think of operating a lathe or end-mill if 
your bg's were messed up, a car is no different. 
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