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[IP] Re: infections and highs

 > I am wonder if my blood sugar could have someway come from the infection? 

Hi Cheri--
    This happened to us on Saturday as well with the exception of the high 
blood sugars.  Natalie is two years old and on the pump just over two months 
now.  She began a blood curdling scream as we were driving down the road to 
go to my brother's house.  We were so scared the way she was crying so I 
checked her bs to find her at 32.  We had just changed her site just before 
we left, to find the last one infected slightly(light red with a circle 
around it).  It really wasn't that bad at all(she had one in February that 
was oozing for about a week and she was on antibiotics for 3 weeks). Well, we 
stopped at a gas station to get some juice (of course this was the time I 
forgot her low snacks), for it to only to come up to 81.  We have a target of 
150,  that is normal for toddlers.  When we got to our destination, she was 
fussy and clingy and said she had a "heddick" (headache), well then it 
happened, she threw up all over their furniture and me.  We went home, yes 
with it all over me, to find her with Mod-Lg Keytones.  We have never 
experienced lows with keytones and vomiting!  So we assumed it was from the 
last site change.  She was fine on Sunday, which made for a great Easter.  
She usually throws up with highs not lows.  So I know how you feel.  Glad it 
is behind you.  We have learned a lesson this weekend. Take care.

Lord Bless you, Tracy
Wife to Doug
Mom to two girls
Amy 12
Natalie 2- --Pumping as of 2/18/2000
May today be the day they find a cure for Diabetes 
Jer. 29: 11

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