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[IP] Eyes....aye...iyiyiyiyyyy (wasn't done)

OOPS I hit send and I wasn't done....sorry....I am not myself right now....

ok here we go....can't put it off anymore....it ain't gonna clear anymore on 
its own, depsite my high hopes for the last year.  

The Vitrectomy in my right eye is scheduled for next Wednesday.  As many of 
you know, this is not my first Vitrectomy - had one in the left eye in June 
1994...and had no problems really in that eyesince...

Right now he (Dr. Fisher) says I have about an 85% chance of a good 
outcome...of course, that is assuming I don't die from the anesthesia...I 
have opted for general, since I AM a weenie and proud of it.  I do not want 
to be awake, even sedated as he sticks big stuff in my eyeball.

He is one of the best...he did Marty Tyler Moore...he is kind and gentle, yes 
I know htis is rare coming from me, but he really does seem to have a grip on 
what he is doing, and has explained everything pretty good...Endo has okayed 
me to wear the pump...like he has a choice....

Basically he is going to try and save the lens, but if he needs to, he will 
remove it.  I htink I will go for no implant this time...just wear a contact 
for the rest of my life

For those of you who have followed my eye saga, you know this has been a 
difficult decision for me, and any crossed fingres will be much appreciated.

*-)=B xoxx~~~[507]
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