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Re: [IP] Express Scripts-Humalog order Questions

> Howdy folks,
> Question for the future-How do I impress upon this company that
> Humalog should be shipped on ice or with dry ice?

It's easy. Just inform them when you place the order that if the 
insulin does not arrive in proper using a shipping method that 
conforms to the manufacturer's recommended standards that they can 
expect to get it back immediately with a request for "good" insulin. 
Don't as for or accept "special" shipping charges or methods, the 
delivery is their problem "by contract".

If you have any difficulty at all with them, call your insurance 
carrier and INSIST on speaking with the liason person with your 
carrier for Express Scripts. Tell them the problem.

I have done this after a run-in with very uncooperative folks at 
Express Scripts (both customer service and supervisor) who were not 
receptive to the idea of proper shipment of insulin.

Needless to say, my insulin arrived shortly in an insulated pouch, 
express, no-extra charge. Several years ago I did the same thing with 
Merck Medco -- same result.

In both cases, my primary insurance was BS/BC of Calif.

The reason this works is because your contract is with the primary 
insurance carrier. You have no contract with the Pharmacy Company, 
you are simply forced to use them. Because of this, you can turn the 
tables and make your insurance company the bad guy on your behalf. It 
is up to them to insure that the delivery of pharmacy product they 
force you to purchase from a third party get delivered in a safe 
acceptable manner subject to the costs specified in the contract of 
insurance. NOTHING MORE!!

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