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[IP] changes in basals due to illness

ALthough still very new to this, I wanted to say that when I have been ill (or whatever) since on the pump I can tell right away... If my sugars "hang out" above 130 even after bolusing... then I start raising my basals... and the amount that worked for me was actually VERY aggressive from  the sound of others stories.  I was using .8 from 8 am to midnite... I need 1.2 (to even 1.3 when I was on claritan) during those same hours to stay "normal"  once I figured it out, I decided not to worry about how much insulin I was using.  The last few weeks I've averaged between 70 and on a few occasions as much as 90 units! but my suagrs have stayed relatively normal.  I know that prepump I would have been a mess and I wouldn't have been sure if my illness was more from my high sugars or the illness itself.  I've been seeing doctors left and right as I have had a sort of chronic headache and some tiredness basically since I started on the pump.  Now we now its not pump related, so I'm s!
chedule to see an Ear, Nose and Throat doc and a TMJ specialist (the lock jaw kind of thing)  In the interim my primary care has tried me on claritan (has anyone else experienced raised bg with this?) stopped my birth control and sent me for an MRI.  I'm hoping one of these next few docs can tell me what is wrong and what I can do.  Even with all this nonsense, I'm still loving my pump, I just wish I could devote a sane week to basal testing and enjoying my new best friend...



p.s. sorry for the long story.. the POINT of my post was actually to say that as long as you are increasing the basals during the day when you can monitor often, I'd say be as aggressive as you need to keep those sugars down...this is the beauty of the pump!
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