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Re: [IP] Good News!! :)

email @ redacted wrote:
> Hey Guys and Gals,
> I'm pretty new to this list, but I wanted to post my good news. I went to my
> Endo this morning. He has finally gave me the green light for the pump!!! I'm
> to be hooked up May 17-18th! What a concidence. My insurance approved on
> christmas eve, and now i'm gonna be hooked up on my birthday! LOL what great
> gifts aren't they?! Hmm.. now I will have to think up a great name for my
> pump lol. I will keep you all posted as I go along.
> Lyra (soon to be pumping!!!)
> p.s. what are good places to insert  your sets and places where you put your
> pump? All suggests (original and creative) are welcome!

Congratulations on getting you pump!! I'm sure it will work out great
for you!!!  Are you ging on Minimed or Disetronic?? I'm on a minimed and
I use a sof serter to inject the needle, it does it pretty painlessly as
long as I don't hit a muscle.  Good luck to you!!

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