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Re: [IP] Mail Order Pharmacies Shipping Blood Glucose Strips On Ice

>From: Andrea Seitz <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Mail Order Pharmacies Shipping Blood Glucose Strips On Ice

>My insurance
>company uses Express Scripts for maintenance drugs. I
>have been ordering a 3 month supply of insulin and
>glucose strips at the same time, therefore, Express
>Scripts has been shipping the two items in a
>styro-foam container. The insulin boxes are wrapped in
>a blue plastic bag surrounded by ice packs and wrapped
>loosely in bubble wrap followed by the blood glucose
>strips boxes wrapped loosely in bubble wrap. I opened
>up this last shipment, and found moisture/condensation
>from the ice on the outside of the blood glucose strip


I get my test strips from Express Scripts mail order also, I call in my
refills separately for all prescriptions and have never had any bundled
together.  The boxes of strips just come inside a cardboard box without any
other insulating material.  I've only done a couple orders through them and
have been home when they arrived, so they haven't been exposed to heat or
cold (that I know of).  My insurance company told me not to order insulin
through them because of the temperature factor, if you haven't had problems
with insulin packaging, I might switch (in a separate order :-) but the
cost difference wasn't as great as with the test strips, so I have been
getting insulin refills at the corner drug store.  It would be nice if you
didn't have to worry about being exposed to temperature extremes, but at
least you can test the strips wherease insulin being shipped
inappropriately could cause worse problems and hassles.  Let us know if you
hear any changes in their shipping process.


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