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Re: [IP] Thank you!

At 08:49 AM 4/25/2000 , you wrote:
>Thanks to Rob and to the administrators for sharing this story.  I have
>tears in my eyes from laughing....and groaning...poor guy.  Does he know he
>has brightened the day of so many people!!  Thanks!!
>  I figure we all have bad days but this guy realy had a bad day ..:-)
>we could all use a laugh lighten things up :-) Julie P.

Hmm  actually the Administrator of the group had nothing to do with the 
posting of the joke which you were responding to.

all of us Administrators do feel that a Joke and laughter is the best thing 
for now and then but we would like to discourage member from sending things 
like this to the IP list.  If you were wondering if you could send a 
message to the IP group that is off topic or inappropriate for some of our 
younger members please email it to the Administrators First so we can say 
yes or no before it hits the list.

the joke was funny to me but its not appropriate to be sent to the 
list.  The message was off topic which we try and encourage people to stay 
pretty much on topic (please).

We have received several complaints on this joke message for several 
reasons  the 2 main reasons were:  1.  off topic,  2.  may be offensive to 
some younger readers (or to their parents).

If anyone has any questions about any of the guidelines of the IP group 
feel free to contact the Help address or any of the administrators.

Brian Carter
One of the Adm.

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