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[IP] 24 hour protien

I'm sure others (cough- Renee <g>) will have stories of why you should have
your 24 hour urine tested for protien.  I thought I would add my story as

I was dx when I was 16.  I had my first 24 hour urine done when I was 17,
and have had one just about every year since then.  My endo appointments
happen to always be in the afternoon.  In January 1999 (I was 20), I
started being positive for protien in the dips they do.  Since I was
already on an ACE inhibitor and I was young, my endo did not feel it was
necessary to do a 24 hour urine.  My internal med doc. (and I) disagree
with this, and I still have a 24 hour urine (which is always normal).  I
have directly asked my endo why he does not want a 24 hour urine (I
purposely didn't mention that I had one done), and he said "you are young".
 I still feel it is important.

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