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[IP] New pumper questions

I was wondering about a problem we had noticed with our son.  Once in a while 
his blood sugar will drop low (50-60) and it will take 3-4 treatments with 
candy before his blood sugar is normal again.  Once it is normal I let him go 
and monitor him over the next couple of hours where he is fine but then about 
3 hours later he is 300-500.  I know about rebounding and we experienced this 
on occasion when he was on shots but this is different.  There have also been 
a few times when his blood sugar shoots up for no apparent reason but after 
giving him a supplemental bolus he is okay.  I know that this is not a 
perfect science but was just wondering if I should be doing something 
differently.  We've only been pumping for 2 weeks so I'm just learning.  
Anway, thanks for any help.

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