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[IP] Mail Order Pharmacies Shipping Blood Glucose Strips On Ice

Is it proper procedure to ship blood glucose strips
wrapped loosely in bubble wrap on ice? My insurance
company uses Express Scripts for maintenance drugs. I
have been ordering a 3 month supply of insulin and
glucose strips at the same time, therefore, Express
Scripts has been shipping the two items in a
styro-foam container. The insulin boxes are wrapped in
a blue plastic bag surrounded by ice packs and wrapped
loosely in bubble wrap followed by the blood glucose
strips boxes wrapped loosely in bubble wrap. I opened
up this last shipment, and found moisture/condensation
from the ice on the outside of the blood glucose strip

I run a calibration check on each box, but this method
of shipping doesn't seem appropriate, if the strips
could be compromised. I called my HR Department,
explained my concerns, and Express Scripts told them
this was standard procedure. I also called Accu-Chek
because their package insert states:  "Store the
strips at room temperature, less than 90F and 32C. Do
not freeze." Use Accu-Chek Comfort Curve Test Strips
at temperatures between 57 and 104F and less than 85%
humidity (the amount of dampness in the air). Avoid
rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry areas"

I called Accu-Check and spoke with the National
Product Manager. He is going to speak with the
technical department to see what extremes the strips
can withstand. 

Should I be concerned? It seems like this shipment
procedure may be a disservice to diabetic patients,
especially those who forget or don't do calibration
tests. Please let me know your opinions/experiences.
Thank you.

Andrea Seitz

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