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Re: [IP] Good News!! :)

> Lyra (soon to be pumping!!!)
> p.s. what are good places to insert 
> your sets and places where you put
> your pump? All suggests (original and 
> creative) are welcome!
I'm sure the answer to this varies with every 
individual's activities, I've been running a test for 
the past week using a mock up made with a pager, some iv 
tubing and a roll of transpore tape.  I've been changing 
the tape down site every couple days and obeying the 
"rules" of staying attached to the pager 24/7, you might 
want to try a similar test before going on the pump.

There were a couple places that I'm glad I didn't have a 
needle/cannula sticking inside me as the ergonomics of 
the setup simply did NOT lend themselves to a good 
overall design.  So far my favorites are back of the 
hips and top of the thigh, though one item of note for 
the back of the hips is that a belt should be worn to 
keep the jeans (or whatever) from chaffing the site.

One area I know so far that I would NOT use is the 
outside edge of the breast.  The damn tubing kept 
tickling my armpits and driving me insane.  And tape 
removal...well... *shudder* I'd rather not talk about 

Anyway, my advice probably won't help much as its based 
on imperfect circumstances and skewed results.  HOWEVER, 
I do think this pre-trial is helpful for learning things 
like NOT knocking the unit off the belt, how to sleep 
with the attachment, remembering to take care when using 
the toilet, finding those tickle spots (I had some minor 
issue with tummy site too as it tickled my sides), and 
of course the ever joyful clothes changing obstacle 

Good luck and Congratulations!

-Sara G.

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